Lexicon of Sicily, from Ragusa to Randazzo

Sicilian encyclopedia for travel and knowledge

Ragusa. From Scoglitti to Pozzallo, the Ragusan coastline, is approximately 50 kilometres long, along the Ragusan coast are many fishing villages such as Kaukana, Punta Secca, Marina di Ragusa and Marina di Modica. The skyline of Ragusa is frequently punctuated by the towers, domes and cupolas of the many exquisite churches for which the province is famed. The area is mostly unspoilt, during the 19th century and early 20th century there was large migration from Ragusa to the more prosperous areas of Italy and abroad. Ragusa has changed dramatically over the last 20 years largely due to tourism, however, in many places it remains untouched by the last two centuries, and has escaped unscathed from the excesses of discovery by the travelling world. In places the atmosphere of the 18th century still pervaded.

Randazzo This beautiful little town rises on the northern side of the Aetna mountain, near the border with the provinces of Enna and Messina, strategically hovering the whole Alcantara valley, once called the Val Demone. The center still offers a peculiar medieval atmosphere with ancient palaces and alleys in lava stone, as well as precious works of art in the many beautiful churches. And, almost unique in Italy, its territory includes three protected areas: the Parco Regionale dell'Etna (the commuene includes in its jurisdiction one of the craters), the Nebrodi Park and the Alcantara Riverside Park.